papers on yablo's paradox

Papers on Yablo's paradox:

Ferenc Andras: The New Clothes of Paradox (2010)

Together with Peter Fekete: What is demonstrated by Yablo’s paradox? (2009)

Roy T. Cook:  Curry, Yablo and duality (2009)

Laureano Luna: Yablo’s paradox and beginningless time (2009)

Ojea Quintana: Yablo’s set: An Interpretation preserving paradox and non-circularity (2009)

Eduardo Alejandro Barrio: Theories of Truth without Standard Models and Yablo’s Sequences (2008)

Neil Kennedy: The Definite Story on Yablo’s Paradox(2007)

Laurence Goldstein: Fibonacci, Yablo and the Cassationist Approach to Paradox (2006)

Jesse Butler: in: Circularity and Infinite a Liar-like Paradoxes (2005)

Jeffrey Ketland: Yablo’s Paradox and ω-inconsistency (2005)

Stephen Yablo: Circularity and Paradox (2004)

Otávio Bueno & Mark Colyvan: Yablo’s paradox rides again: a reply to Ketland (2004)

Otávio Bueno & Mark Colyvan: Paradox without satisfaction (2003)

Jc Beall: Is Yablo’s paradox non-circular? (2001)

Graham Priest: Yablo’s paradox (1997)

Thomas Forster: The Significance of Yablo's Paradox without Self-Reference (1996)

Neil Tennant: On Paradox without Self-Refere (1995)

James Hardy: Is Yablo's Paradox Liar-Like? (1995)

Stephen Yablo: Paradox without Self-Reference (1993)

Stephen Yablo: Definitions - Consistent adn Inconsistent (1993)

Stephen Yablo: Truth and reflection. (1985)